Host Rachel Jones on New Orleans Saints Memories & Taking Risks

Welcome to the Black and Gold Rush Podcast! I’m Rachel Jones, and I’m excited and inspired to start this journey sharing stories about the New Orleans Saints, both on the field and off the field. For me, it all starts with family.

My first time in the Superdome was with my father almost 25 years ago with my face painted black and gold, and we’ve built so many memories surrounding our favorite team since then, becoming season ticket holders in 2010.

I introduce you to some of my favorite father-daughter Saints moments and explain why it’s crucial to take risks in life, like starting a podcast, in order to achieve our dreams.


  • Why my passion for New Orleans Saints football runs so deep
  • The reasons I’m starting this podcast adventure after 5+ years away from sports media
  • Highlights (and lowlights) of being a New Orleans Saints fan since childhood
  • Where my family was when the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XLIV
  • Why New Orleans Saints games are about more than just sports
  • Stay tuned for upcoming episodes, including an interview with former Saints cornerback Delvin Breaux!


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