Meet Me in New Orleans!

My mom always wondered why I never had a burning desire to go shopping with her on Sundays. Instead I watched endless hours of football.

After New Orleans Saints games, I wrote postgame commentary in my spiral notebook. It was like therapy after the painful losses of the pre-Sean Payton days! I dreamed of one day covering the Saints. It’s all I talked about. And from 2012-15, I worked at NOLA.com and hosted two daily video shows, “Black and Gold Today” and “Talkin’ Tigers.”  I found my groove.

Until I got laid off.

That was a devastating September day, to be honest.  I thought I would be a sports journalist forever.  But then I realized God had other plans for me, including marriage to my husband, Adam, and pursuing a master’s degree.  

My excitement for sports – and more importantly, my zest for life, hasn’t faded.  Sports will always be a part of my life in some way, whether it’s going to Saints games with our season tickets (Section 257, anyone?), tailgating at Adam’s alma mater Louisiana Tech, or one of my favorite summer traditions – watching Wimbledon on TV.

But my graduate school journey in public relations has led me to discover my true purpose in life, to serve God and spread the Catholic faith.  I’d love to work in advancement, fundraising or communications at a Catholic school or university upon graduation because my own K-12 Catholic education shaped me into who I am today.  This is a pivotal time in our country, and we need faith to get through it.

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